Sommerwill of Devon & Howell of Gower


Sommerwill of Devon & Howell of Gower


Welcome to this dual genealogy website. Most of it is devoted to Sommerwills. If your ancestors came from Devon and their surname was anything like mine (regardless of spelling), then you'll almost certainly find them here.

Summerwill Somerwill Somerville Sumerwill Somerfield Somerwell Sommerville Sommerwill Sommerwille Sommerwell Summerfield Somerwille
Summerwell Sammerville Sammerwell Somerfill Somervell Somervil Somervile Somervill Somerwel Somerwil Somerwile Somerwyll Somewill Somewille Sommerfield Sommerfill Sommervil Sommervill Sommerwil Sommorwill Sumerfield Summerfill Summervill Summerwill etc

If you are not sure of a Devon connection, and are looking for Somerville or any variation of it, click here. For tips on how to start looking, click here

Ty CwmPart of it is devoted to my Welsh ancestors and their descendants, the North Gower family of Howell. You can access it from the menubar above or at

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