Edward Morgan and Ruth Howell lived in the early 20th century at the house called Tŷ Cwm at Cefnstylle, near Gowerton. It was in the parish of Loughor, just on the border of Glamorganshire and Carmarthenshire.

This website gathers information relating to their ancestors as far back as they can be traced and the descendants of those ancestors into the 21st century.

Parts of the website are password protected, not to provide high security—just a bit of privacy, so please share them only within the family.

If you open the tree in public mode you will see information up to about a century ago but not recent information. If you know the password, you can see the full tree. If you open it in contracted mode, you will initially see only the first generations about whom we have any knowledge. By clicking on the 'Children' links you will expand the tree bit by bit so that you can focus on the part that interests you without too much clutter. However, the downside of that is that you can't use a search tool to shortcut to a particular name because hidden names can't be found. If you open the tree in expanded mode, links and quick searches are possible. When you've found what you want you can close up the branches that don't interest you.

Most photos can be enlarged just by clicking on them. The ones in the galleries are slide shows: they need a right-click to bring up a view and print dialogue.

I would warmly welcome corrections of anything that is inaccurate and anything that other family members can add—stories and reminiscences, pictures of people and places, newspaper cuttings, anything that will preserve those precious oral traditions that otherwise are lost to future generations. Please get in touch with me.

John Summerwill


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